Wanderlust is why we dreamt up Sucres Des Terres. Our creative inspiration is an ode
to the flavours we miss and long for from our childhood, travels and experiences.

Each jar of ice cream is carefully hand packed in small batches just for you. We only
work with the freshest seasonal fruits, richest natural milk and most indulgent
cocoa & chocolate. Most importantly, we add in copious amounts of passion and
love; we hope this shines through in every flavour.


A cow gives enough milk to make
9 litres of ice cream per day!
That’s 3400 litres per year!

1 in 10 people admit to licking the bowl clean after eating
ice cream

It takes about 50 licks to
finish a single-scoop
ice cream cone

Our collaborations transcend the
superficiality that separates us
from our partners by celebrating
the deeper values that bind us.

Together, we are inspired by wanderlust; the
sensational but often forgotten flavours of our
childhood and travels.